Help a sistah out (Help me finish my PhD)


I am raising money in order to help me finish my PhD. I am an unhoused woman who recently decided to try and stay in school despite all of the hardships that have come my way. In school I have focused on women’s health and reproduction. I’m looking at why there are so many disparities in reproduction and certain groups have better outcomes than others. The image you see above is of a Midwife from the early 20th century when birthing in the hospital was not yet the normal method of delivering a baby. I believe that when women were birthing with a midwife they had a level of care that we don’t see today.

I am a graduate student and have put in significant time and energy in pursuing my education. My grandma once told me to never quit school even if I had to eat pancakes only. Well, it’s nearly to that point. For the past 3 years I’ve been living unhoused and don’t think that should stop me from pursuing my dreams.

My attempts at car dwelling while trying to pursue this fell through. It is too cold or too dangerous. Right now there is nothing more important now than to finish my education. But it has taken a significant amount of effort to attempt to do so – this includes not having proper advising and guidance and mentorship and having to learn a lot about school on my own. I’ve gotten this far and am almost done. I really don’t want to stop, but I need your help.

You can read the rest on the page. Here is the link. I would appreciate if you shared it, even if you can’t donate:

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