How much money I’ve dropped on van life

I’ve been keeping a record of what I’ve spent so far on van life. Keep in mind I’m not in a van let alone on the road. I know this may sound crazy, but I’ve been slowly gathering things I’ll need now, in order to make life easier later. I haven’t gotten things like a bed, insulation, flooring, curtains, etc. because that can wait.

Even though I’ve cooked much more than just rice in it (such as boiled eggs, brussel sprouts, veggie burgers), I replaced my rice cooker with an instant pot for no other reason that one of its functions is to cook rice, and it can cook a multitude of things that the rice cooker can’t. I plan on cooking things like salmon, and countless other dishes inside the instant pot so I wouldn’t need anything else, though I’m thinking of getting a cheap, collapsable oven to bake loaves of bread, maybe. Other things related to food on this list is because I’ve been dehydrating, preparing an emergency supply like I mentioned before, in this post.

As I’ve been downsizing and clearing out everything I own the list below are what I know I will absolutely need right away. All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Figures in parentheses means the amount should be subtracted from the total because the product was returned or I received a discount of some sort after the purchase was made.

Laundry w/Spin Dryer                                            95.84

Propane Shower (doubles as cook stove)           104.79

Pepper Spray                                                                5.69

Instant Pot                                                                   55.04

Space Savers & Instant Pot Lid                             24.46

(Return faulty Space Saver 15.79)

Water Filtration System                                         258.00

(price adjustment, sale 12.90)

Propane tank & hose                                                 64.34

(Refund propane hose 13.17)

Co2 Detector, Fire Extinguisher, socks                99.14

(Jacket w/hood return 16.34)

Lighter                                                                            1.06

Steamer, spray bottle                                                25.05

Lotion, Dr. Bronner, etc                                            16.09

Laundry detergent, etc                                              43.45

Jump Rope                                                                     14.41

Tray organizer                                                               4.36

Mason Jars                                                                     22.56

Mason Jars                                                                      1.31

Storage Tote                                                                  12.47

Container                                                                      15.38

Portable Toilet                                                             54.99

(Discount 10.00)

Collapsible table                                                         10.00

Hardware for shower deck                                        9.15

Foam brush for shower deck                                    1.52

Stain for shower deck                                                17.96

Payment for shower deck                                         10.00

dehydrator + hot bottle                                             72.90

Small (milk type) crate                                              7.62

Veggies to dehydrate                                                 18.67

Dehydrating food + mason jars                              46.90

½ Gallon Mason Jars for dehydration                 12.50

Masons                                                                             .88

Mason, Beans                                                             13.75

Fruit                                                                              5.44

Items added after initially writing this post.

Mandoline                                                                   44.83

Quakehold                                                                     3.97

Pasta & Bananas                                                          5.08

Kale                                                                               11.96

Kale (yes, again)                                                        11.96

Fruit                                                                               18.64

More Fruit/Veggies/supplies for drying              61.48

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