I’m on that dehydrating food tip — Living the #vanlife Full time van dwelling

I’m a complete newbie at dehydrating and removing the water from food via a machine. This is literally the first time in my life I’ve ever even attempted this. Strangely enough even though I’ve jacked up a couple things already (like cranberries. I didn’t blanch them at first (to blanch is to immerse them in boiling water until they split open, then immerse them in freezing cold water to stop them from cooking) and it really hindered them. I tried to ‘retro’ blanch — if such a thing exists — meaning I recognized my error and after they had been dehydrating for hours I took them out and put them in boiling water but they all popped and everything went further downhill from there) I’m really liking it. Since yesterday I’ve been spending an insane amount of time drying out fruits and vegetables.

My main reasons for doing this is because I’ll be on the road, and want to ensure I have a supply of healthy food. I don’t really consider myself a health nut, but having foods that are nourishing is important to me and, more specifically, I want to make sure I have access to healthy food in case of an emergency since I don’t really plan on using the items I’m drying out on a regular basis while traveling, but when absolutely necessary. I want to have two weeks worth of meals. Apparently dehydrated foods, if contained well, can last for years — but I plan on doing regular grocery shopping otherwise, using fresh foods.

Strangely enough even though I’m a complete novice I’m working two different appliances at once. That’s because I started with one dehydrator — my own, but my friend found out what I was doing and loaned me hers, too, and so now I’ve been working double duty.

Here’s a few images of what I’ve been working on so far:



Here’s the actual list of what I bought that has been dehydrating or waiting in line in the fridge.

Roma tomatoes
Green bell peppers
Green beans
Beets (I’ll be making beet powder)

This is currently where I’m at:


I have another lengthy list of the things I want to use for the the next round, including salmon, and maybe some chicken and fish, though I’m not a big meat eater. It takes a long time, hours and hours to thoroughly dry these foods but to me it’s worth it. I don’t take for granted that this is privileged, and I’m thankful I have access to these.

[Update]: This picture!

2018-02-27 11.09.23 am

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  1. […] Even though I’ve cooked much more than just rice in it (such as boiled eggs, brussel sprouts, veggie burgers), I replaced my rice cooker with an instant pot for no other reason that one of its functions is to cook rice, and it can cook a multitude of things that the rice cooker can’t. I plan on cooking things like salmon, and countless other dishes inside the instant pot so I wouldn’t need anything else, though I’m thinking of getting a cheap, collapsable oven to bake loaves of bread, maybe. Other things related to food on this list is because I’ve been dehydrating, preparing an emergency supply like I mentioned before, in this post. […]


    • That’s great you’ll get a dehydrator! I love this thing, and you’ll love it! But I i will admit it takes forever, depending on what you have. What I’ve found is that my fruits and veggies take anywhere from about 8-12 hours. What I think take the longest of anything are tomatoes. But it’s so worth it. I recommend turning them on after dinner time and letting them dry out overnight while sleeping. Then they’ll be done when you wake up.

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