Black Women Van Dwellers

I’ve been wanting to find and follow other Black women who live in their vehicles. I’ve come across a couple handfuls on YouTube since that is my main outlet for researching this life in preparation for my own time on the road. I think it would be great to find others I can relate to, and see how thy navigate this mode of living.

So, on facebook the other day within a group dedicated to women who live in their van I asked a simple question. The group has well over 6,000 members, and so I thought this would be fertile ground in order to get such information and begin finding others who have a shared identity to see how they experience van life. Everyone’s experiences aren’t the same and I specifically wanted knowledge about Black women. But my  question — ‘Are there any melanated van dwellers in the house, and if so, do you have a YouTube channel or a blog?” — it was something along those lines — started a string of responses that included everything from the couple of Black women who weighed in to represent, to white women trying to turn the conversation to themselves, one in particular working her damnest to try and convince me that racism and discrimination by Black people against white women, is possible. It lasted a few days, but didn’t get very far at all with regards to my questions. So, as a response to all of that I’ve decided to bring the information I have on Black women van/car or SUV dwellers here. Keep in mind I have not done much of a search for other types of housing, such as Skoolies but I may eventually.

Believe it or not the blog listed below is the only one, besides my own, that I have come across, whereas the YouTubers (Vloggers) are more numerous if even only a few. You can click on each name and it will take you to their page:


Mocha Gypsy


Creative Nomad

Crystal Vanner

Ebony Nomad

Off the Grid With A Kid

My Life Now

Novel Kulture

Patricia Carpenter 

Rene Apra

Sharon & Sophia

Vicky Love


Tiny House Dreaming

Trusting Your Process

Yvonne Diva

These are the women I’ve found for now. And, instead of keeping this page as a ‘reference’,  constantly updating it, I’ll leave it up to you, readers, to weigh in. Leave a comment with other Black women van/RV/SUV/auto dwellers that you know of.

Side note: if your name is listed and you’d rather it not appear in this post, then let me know and I’ll take it down.

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  1. Yvette, I was among the couple of melanated women you referred to in regards to your Facebook post. I didn’t think it would go so far as people mentioning possible reverse racism. I don’t choose to discuss my culture and beliefs in forums not dedicated for that purpose. But I must admit that you challenged me. I just posted my first public blog; although, I have been planning out vanlife as it pertains to me. Until you asked that question the other day, I hadn’t really thought about sharing it this way. I just know that as women in general, it is important for us to stick together because we are outnumbered in this area. I will start a Facebook group devoted to black men and women vandwellers and would ask that you be a moderator?


    • That sounds great! I don’t know if I can moderate at this particular moment. The reason is because I have a slew of other projects I work on already so I’m not able to add another to my pile. But I would LOVE to know what the name of the group is so I can join. It’s so important that we have a space, and especially after the examples we had from that conversation. We DO have a different experience and it’s important that we have a dedicated space to share from our perspectives, with each other.


  2. Thanks for making this. I’m just starting as well and have lately been feeling a little nervous about what’s out there in the way of racism or harm. So, I too would like to connect with other Black women that I can get tips from, share ideas with and maybe even plan a meet and greet. I’m in Central as well as South Florida right now. Where are you all?


  3. Sooooo beyond overjoyed to have found this your list has some ladies i seem to have missed when looking for other black folk into vanlife! thanks so much for this!!


  4. Hello all, my name is Crystal and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to have been left with this info. Oddly enough someone referenced this blog in my post which posed pretty much the same question. I copied the question in all 3 of the nomadic movements I currently follow. I’m in the process of converting a 2004 E450 shuttle bus. It’s overall length is 24’.
    Back to the question posed to the groups. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I was truly amazed at the responses. Most of the original posts went from what’s my angle to questioning my identity. About a few hours after posting I found that I had others who had initially wanted to discredit my post advocating for me to others in the threads. I held my ground and didn’t allow negative naysayers to kill my mission. At the end of the day, those who read it was left with a more enlightened perception of me and the question, although left unanswered in the forum will play in their minds. All I wanted was to plant the seed and enlighten others of a struggle we will face that they could never fully comprehend. I encourage you to check it out. The post was dated 3/15/19. Check out my Facebook page Crystal Hillc and the 3 groups I follow. They were posted on all 3 and the answers will give you hope for change in the small community that’s growing. And if you do go to my page feel free to send a friend request, I’d love to keep in touch with you all.
    Much love and safe travels to you all. I can’t wait to hear your stories.


  5. Love this! I have to check their pages out!! I recently started to full-time travel with my children. After getting my van filmed by the Tiny Homes Tours channel, so many women (esp black women) were so excited to see someone they could relate to. Even as a single mother, so many people were simply excited that I’ve decided to step out and do something different.

    If you want, you can check out the tour here:

    I’m going to start a channel soon. My camera is arriving soon. :)

    And I also have a blog and IG

    I’m soooo new to this (only a month and a half into this new journey) but we love it and even before we realized we were going to buy a van, I had plans on documenting our worldschooling journey via YouTube and our blog. It’s a blessing to meet other travelers and I’m glad that my family gets to be a part of this community. :)


  6. I am thrilled to have found this blog. A couple of months ago I found a video on car camping and knew I found the path for the next adventure in life. My concern as a black woman, was that I would be viewed differently by this community of nomads. I finally found my way into van life videos and now I am searching for how black women manage this life style.

    Thank you for doing this.


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