I think I found a van


I think I found a van. Well, maybe. At least I’m going to look at it tomorrow. It’s a 2004 Chevy Express 2500 Extended Passenger, and only has 123k miles on it. The images above are from the actual ad on OfferUp.com. Ya, its had 2 owners and that somewhat bothers me, but guy says he’s maintained it with all it’s services every 4 months and is in good condition. Of course he says that, right. Don’t they all? Well, here’s the thing. I wouldn’t call myself religious. I used to believe in God and I still might, kinda. But I feel that this van has come to me somehow. If I had any beliefs I’d say I’d label myself as a somewhat of a Buddhist. And I’ve been doing more than my usual sessions of Daimokus. I can’t be a real Buddhist or anything, actually (even though I was raised in a very fundamentalist Christian home which significantly fucked me (and my siblings totally up), because I’m just too lazy to commit to doing something each and every day. So I do it when I can — I’m my authentic self. And in this case, I’ve been doing a ton for direction and guidance for buying a used, reliable van to live in.

But I digress. Not really, but here’s the rest of the story.

I’ve been watching it for the past few days. Initially the dude  wanted $4,950, then it dropped to $4,750. I got some advice to tell him what I have, show him the money, and if he doesn’t accept it then walk. Told him I have $3,000 in COLD, HARD cash and that’s all I can do. I’m kind of nervous because that seriously is all I have. My living situation right now is not only precarious, but very difficult. My bank account is dwindling, and I’m stressed out but I really need this van for my livelihood and to work on my serenity and sanity.

I won’t have much money in the bank afterward, to fix it up like I want but if I can get the insulation, paneling and flooring in then that’s all that I care about for now. I can throw a cheap mattress and other things I have from already owning furniture, and call it good.  If it doesn’t work out then it’s just not meant to be but I’m really hoping it does. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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